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Stylish Home Staging will Sell Your Home Quicker

What is Stylish Home Staging?

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The concept of Home Staging includes de-cluttering and de-personalizing. Sure, you can and should do those things when preparing your home for sale.


But your home could be so much more than just clean and sterile. There is an art to this process, too.

I’ve been staging homes for 7 years and interior decorating for over 20 years, so I’ve been to this rodeo more than a few times. And presenting a clean, stylish and memorable home to potential buyers is what will catapult your listing to the top.

How do you accomplish this? No worries, you don’t have to be a professional Home Stager or Decorator. It’s all part of my Home Staging Made Easy for You  plan.

We’re going to focus on the STYLISH aspect of home staging, because that is where so many home sellers feel inadequate. If you’re a do it yourself home stager and are preparing your home for sale, you really can’t afford to miss this step.

My years in the Interior Decorating arena have given me a skilled eye for styling staged homes. Interior Decorating is definitely a different animal than Home Staging, and that’s a discussion for another time. But for me, it’s been helpful, and I want to share some of my insights with you, so your home can be the one that buyers remember, envision themselves living in…and want to purchase.





my philosophy of ‘the four styles’

Stylish Home Staging in the Master Bedroom

I believe that decorating styles fall into one of four categories:

Casual, Contemporary, Rustic or Traditional


There are a number of styles within some of the categories, but for our purposes in discussing stylish home staging for presenting your home for sale, we’re going to keep it simple.

Take a minute to study the photos below. They are example of the 4 basic decorating styles. No, there won’t be a test. All I want you to do is 1) see how the styles differ (sometimes not by much) and 2) decide where your home fits in.

I’ll give you some clues to look for below each group of photos.



  • blending of wood and other finishes
  • mix of colors, patterns, 
  • may include vintage, re-purposed, pieces



  • clean lines
  • blocks of color and shape
  • minimal decorative accents



  • wood finishes throughout
  • wood beams and trim
  • could be a log or timber frame home
  • furniture may be larger to remain in scale with the heavier wood finishes



  • could be a bit more formal
  • matching and balanced arrangement



What is your home’s style?

Casual Style Office

Where does your home fit in the style category? Sometimes it’s very clear…quite rustic, traditional and formal, country casual, clean contemporary. 

If you gaze at your living room and you see….nothing stylish….that’s okay. Your style has not yet been created and tweaked. No worries. Most likely your home will fall into the Casual Style category. That’s easy.


Here is a stylish home staging gem for you, so keep this one at the top of the list: 

 You can create almost any kind of stylish look with accessories and accents such as rugs, pillows, wall decor and small decorative accessories. The key is to be consistent with those accessories and accents.


The reason for this exercise is to help you when staging your home to sell it. You want a buyer to walk in the door and see a cohesive, pleasant and welcoming look, and following a particular style sense will help create that.

Here is a link to a Decorating Style Quiz and Guide that I offer on one of my other sites. Have a read, take the quiz and then explore more details about a number of different decorating styles. It’s kind of fun. Try it 🙂

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As I develop the Home Staging Made Easy for You guide, I’ll be offering more examples of how to stage your home in the various styles as well as providing furniture and accessory options that I use in my home staging projects. You’ll be able to:

  1. study the photos for ideas and inspiration,
  2. follow my key points for staging various rooms,
  3. and easily shop for pieces that you may need to complete the room or space.

More to come soon!

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