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Create a Positive Vibe with Effective Home Staging

Create a Positive Vibe with Home Staging

How do you create a positive vibe with Home Staging? First, of all, let’s define the term.


What is the vibe of a home? Well, you know the feeling you get when you walk into a place for the first time? That’s the vibe. It’s similar to a first impression but with feelings added 🙂

Think about when you went to a friend’s home for the first time. Or perhaps you tried a new restaurant, or visited a company for a job interview. The feeling that hit you when you walked in the door is the vibe.

It could be pleasant, stimulating, welcoming, energetic, calm, relaxed, bright, cheerful… overall positive. You want to see more of this place. You feel comfortable and okay with it.

Or, the vibe that you instantly feel could be not so good…dark, oppressive, sad, lonely, boring, cold, lifeless, and sometimes, kind of creepy. 

Then there is that in between feeling a home’s vibe can give off. You’re not offended by it but there is nothing about the home that gives off any type of vibe at all. It is not memorable in any way. Yawn.



create a positive vibe with effective home staging

Remember the goal as a home seller is to get the deal done. You want to sell your home at a price that makes you happy and in a time frame that fits into the overall plan.

Home Staging Made Easy is a plan I’ve created for you, to help you accomplish that goal. The process always has to start with a plan (I call it Home Staging 101), a defined style, and then the next step is the vibe.





four steps to creating a positive vibe in your home

It’s quite simple, really, and it doesn’t matter what your decorating style is, what the list price is, or where the property is located.

light: natural and artificial

An essential element of a welcoming home is lighting. While you can’t control the position of your home relative to natural light, you can control things like turning on lights and opening blinds. One exception to the blind opening exercise, and that is to keep an unsightly outdoor view from becoming center stage. In that case, open the blinds half way 🙂

If at all possible, make sure these two tasks are done before a showing. Hint: when you turn on the lights, turn them ALL on.


consistent color palette

No matter the style of your home, creating a space that is consistent from room to room will help create a positive vibe. Broken down into its simplest form, there are two color vibes that affect our emotions in a positive way:

  • neutral/calming
  • bright and bold/exciting and sophisticated 

Here are a few examples for you:


Note that in every example the wall colors and most of the furniture (except for the accent chairs in the photo on the right) are neutral. The accent colors help solidify the mood or vibe. The cooler neutrals in the two photos on the left keep the vibe calm overall. The brighter accents in the photos to the right create a fun, casual vibe.

Here is an example where the vibe of the home goes from ‘ho-hum’ boring to welcoming and inviting.

This home is new construction so was vacant. The Great Room is very large and potential buyers didn’t see how it could function, and there was nothing particularly memorable or interesting about it…large and kind of boring.


We staged the entire home, and the Great Room you see above now looks like this:

We created a positive vibe with home staging by using a neutral foundation and adding pops of bright colors. The function of the Great Room was identified with furniture placement. Although there are alternative ways to furnish this space, our layout will give buyers one workable plan. 

Now, when a buyer enters the home, they are greeted with a pleasant, happy setting and will immediately feel welcomed. That’s a positive vibe using color.


clean presentation

It seems so simple that you might wonder why it’s even mentioned, but a clean home interior and exterior is so essential in home staging it has to be stressed againand it clearly affects the vibe.

The coolest layout with eye catching home staging and styling will lose impact with buyers if the home is not clean.

I’m talking about the:

  • walls
  • trim
  • floors
  • windows
  • interior doors and trim
  • solid surfaces
  • furnishings
  • decorative accents

Make sure all of these areas of your home’s interior are free of dust, dirt and grime. It will make a huge difference in the home’s vibe.


pleasant sound & scent

Last to mention but just as important in affecting the vibe of the home are the sounds and the scent that a buyer detects as they enter.


It could be the sound of silence. Not bad, but not necessarily contributing to the goal of creating a positive vibe. If possible, have some music in the background. I know, you’ve heard this before and it sounds cheesy. It’s really not…pleasant music playing quietly in the background plays a key role in establishing the vibe.

Plan ahead and find a music channel on your TV (most of us have that option through our cable providers) or that can be played on Spotify or Pandora through an Alexa or similar.  Find something pleasant and not overly loud or brash. If you’re not sure what to select, look for:

  1. smooth jazz
  2. easy listening
  3. instrumental

Note: A barking dog is not pleasant when showing your home. If at all possible, remove any animals that might be disruptive and impact the home’s vibe in a negative way. We love our pets, but not everyone else feels the same way.


Every home emits some kind of scent that is detected when entering. When I open my front door to come inside, I can smell a faint fruity scent that comes from a plug-in freshener. I don’t do much cooking so there isn’t typically a smell of grease or cooked food, and I don’t smoke so there is no stale cigarette odor. Friends and guests comment on the pleasant scent and ask me how I do it, which is a nice compliment.

There are some steps you can take to determine the scent that your home emits. It’s not difficult to do, but it does require that you are honest and accept what you learn. It can be a bit eye opening but necessary.

1.Ask a trusted friend or relative to stop by, and honestly tell you what scent greets them at the door. You won’t be able to do this exercise yourself because you’re there all the time and are probably ‘scent blind’. 

If the response includes anything that relates to pets, smoke, stale cooking oil, musty odor, etc. you need to take action.

2. Get to work and eliminate the source of the odor. Now, I don’t mean that if you have some lingering pet odors that you have to get rid of your pet. Heavens, no. But, you do need to address the pet odor situation.

Here is a site that offers some very helpful how-to’s to eliminate household odors.

3. Consider adding a subtle air freshener to your home. A scent that is literally called fresh scent could work well, or something that is fruity. Avoid floral and vanilla scents.


Your hard work will pay off when creating a positive vibe in your home

Create a positive vibe with home staging essentials

It’s all part of home staging made easy for you. Just follow the plan outlined here at Stage the Nest and your home will stand out from the others in a good way!

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