The Art of Memorable Home Staging

Memorable Home Staging is an Art

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Memorable Home Staging is a two-edged sword. As a do it yourself home stager the last impression you want to give is a negative one. You don’t want to be ‘that house’.

Your home should be the one that stands out to buyers in a positive and memorable way. It’s your job to create that look, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

Look at the photo above. What’s the first thing you notice about it? Most likely it’s the colors…the rug and wall art in the Entry, and the wall art in the Living Room. This home has a Coastal theme, located near the gulf waters in Fort Myers Beach, FL. A buyer stepping into this home is greeted with the colorful, coastal rug sporting a swimming turtle, and themed wall art that pops. That’s memorable.




3 steps to the art of memorable home staging

Home Staging for the Entry


You can create a positive and memorable look with home staging, too. It won’t look like the photos here because your home is unique from all others, and frankly, you don’t want a cookie cutter look. That’s forgettable.

Your home should welcome potential buyers with 1) a consistent style & color palette, 2) strategic furniture arrangement and 3) one memorable thing.



consistent style & colors


The particular style your home reflects is not as important as being consistent throughout all of the spaces. If you love a sleek, minimalist contemporary look, then create that same look everywhere in your home. If the living room is totally contemporary and the bedrooms are styled in a farmhouse industrial way, it is distracting to a buyer. We don’t want to get them off the goal of loving your home and wanting to buy it.

Not sure of your particular style preferences? No worries. I will help you find your style here.

A selection of colors that remains consistent throughout your home goes hand-in-hand with the styling. My overall recommendation when staging your home to sell it is to keep the walls and the larger furniture pieces in neutral tones, then use 2 or 3 main accent colors to give warmth, personality and express the home’s style. Read more about creating the right color palette here.

Here’s a very important tip for you as you think about your home’s style and colors, so be sure to grab this one:

Memorable Home Staging, including the Style and Color Palette, is NOT determined by the Size of your Budget


I stage million dollar homes with budget friendly furniture and accessories. It’s how I put them together and present them that creates the style and overall look. You can do this, really can!

Memorable Home Staging is all about planning and taking one step at a time. Your first step is to give your home’s style a name so you have a consistent plan in mind. If you have no idea at all, even after reading about finding your style, we’ll agree that you have an Eclectic look in your home. That’s a blend of 2 unique styles. Whatever that look is…keep it consistent from room to room. 🙂

The color palette goes hand-in-hand with your decorating style. Be sure that you write down (yes, on a piece of paper or on an app on your phone for reference) the colors you have, or plan to use, in your home staging project. 

For example, my list would look something like this:

  • decorating style – casual, with farmhouse industrial accents
  • color palette – ivory, gray, taupe, light aqua and soft green



properly edited furnishings


The next critical step in creating a memorable home for buyers is to make sure that you present enough function in each room or space without crowding or distracting a buyer with all of your stuff. You may love it, but it’s not going to help you sell your home quicker and for the best price.

As much as is possible, furnish each room in your home as it was functionally intended to be. The living area should look like one, the dining room should have a table/chairs in it, the bedrooms should look like sleeping areas or a den/craft room/home office, etc.

Here is a proven technique that will help you edit each room…great advice for do it yourself home stagers like you:

  1. remove everything from the room except for the largest pieces. I mean everything. If it is a bedroom, all that should be left in the room are the bed, dresser, chest, nightstands, for example
  2. take everything off of the walls, too
  3. now, make sure there is enough walking space in the room. If you have to squeeze through an area, weave your way around a space or somehow contort yourself to make it through the room, more editing is needed. That bedroom might require the removal of either the chest or the dresser, for example.
  4. the goal is to make the rooms appear as large as possible
  5. once you have properly edited the largest pieces, begin adding the smaller items. For our bedroom example it would be the bedding, table lamp(s), a few small decorative accents and one or two pieces of wall decor. Here are a few examples for you:


It may seem like there is not enough in the room, but it’s really okay. All that extra stuff you removed can be sorted through, packed up, sold or given away. Potential buyers will not be distracted (or bump their shin) when walking through the room.

And, you’re making progress toward the goal of selling your home and moving on to the next adventure!


one memorable thing


Remember the photos at the beginning of this article? The entry rug is a ‘memorable thing’. It’s colorful, fun and unique. After a buyer tours this home and about 6 others, they’re going to be overwhelmed trying to remember each one. 

But, they can remember that turtle rug. They’ll say, “remember the house with the turtle rug at the entry? I like that one because…”

We’ve given the buyer something to make the home stand out from the others. 

It is magic? Will it make your home sell over all of the other homes on the market in your neighborhood? No. If it were only that simple.

There are still the major factors of location, price and home size/layout that influence a buyer. You can’t control the location…the size and layout of the home would be a major undertaking to modify…but you do have control of the asking price. Remember that.

So, how about your ‘memorable thing’? What can you do to create an image in your buyer’s mind that will stick with them in a positive way?

You might own a unique piece of wall decor. It might have bright colors, an unusual shape, etc. Hang it in the entry, the living area, or in another conspicuous place that makes sense in the overall style and plan.

Perhaps you collect something. I was at a home recently and there was an interesting collection of owls. You could place some of the pieces of your collection in various rooms of your home. But use caution! Don’t overwhelm your buyers with all of your wonderful stuff. A few pieces means that, literally. Just enough to show the theme, but not so many to make it look like ‘the owl store’.

I will sometimes use birds as a memorable thing in a home if the style fits. I might put one on the coffee table, use a lamp with birds on the base in a bedroom, and hang a picture with a bird theme in the bath. Three, maybe four pieces are enough to create the theme and be memorable, like this:


Here is another example of creating a memorable thing. It is actually a group of pieces that are seen upon entering the home:

The Art of Memorable Home Staging


It is the first thing seen when entering the home. The duo of wall art is large and striking, the wine bar is unique in that location, and the fluffy footstool always makes an impression. This home’s  ‘one memorable thing’.

Memorable Home Staging is not difficult and it doesn’t require a lot of money. It’s the process, the planning and the placement that makes all the difference!

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